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Fantello Farms Enumclaw Wa. Established in 1918

A Family

At the base of Mt.Rainier, in the Pacific Northwest. Three generations of Fantello's have been cultivating the same piece of property for over 100 years. This home was built with pride, the Fantello's welcome you to our newest journey.

Food Lovers

Bringing simplicity of farming locally to your table farmstead butter and cheeses. Our high quality creamy milk creates the perfect texture for each bite.


The Fantello's have traveled to different countries to gain knowledge and perspective on century-old cheese-making traditions.


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The Farm




Local Feed, home made Raclette

"I would Characterize Filomena as a semi-hard washed rind Tomme, with a melting and smooth ivory paste with evenly distributed little eyes opening. The flavors are buttery, milky, grassy, nutty with a touch of pungency from the rind. This cheese reminds me of an authentic artisan raw milk Morbier made in the Jura Mountains of France." - Olivier Boye at Corsican Celler LLC

Looking to Find us?

Here are resturants and shops that carry and use our cheeses!


  • Ray's Boathouse, Seattle Wa
  • Terra Planta, Seattle Wa
  • Tilth, Seattle Wa
  • Purple Cafe, Seattle Wa
  • Palace Kitchen, Seattle Wa
  • Walrus & Carpenter, Seattle Wa
  • Single Shot, Seattle Wa
  • Westward, Seattle Wa
  • Whale Wins, Seattle Wa
  • Griffin and Wells, Enumclaw Wa

Cheese Shops

  • De Laurenti, Pike Place Market
  • Big John PFI, Seattle Wa
  • Ballinger Thriftway, Shoreline Wa


  • Corsican Cellars LLC
  • Fantello Farmstead Creamery

About Us

Fantello Farmstead Creamery

  • Where
    It All Began,

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Leaving Italy for the new world, Filomena Fantello moved to Enumclaw Wa. Bringing Italy with her, she knew there was no better food then the food you produced yourself.

  • 2014

    Jersey Cows Come Back

    A process all well to known was soon going to be transformed. Milking schedules where establishsed, cheese making courses at Washington University were taken, plane rides back fourth to Creamerys aross the world shaped our techniques to what they are today.

  • 2016


    This journey has taken collaboration with sought out professionals in the cheesemaking industry. Learning the development process, and turning milk from liquid to a solid is fascinating magic. (Every-other-day) The continuation of networking to get the product into the hands of customer has been the best feeling, that keeps the inspiration on-going.

  • 2019

    This Adventure

    Our alpine journey is set this year to develop cultured butter and another alpine style cheese.

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Fromage Blanc

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Cheese Room

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Our Heard

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